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The Many Speeches, Insults and Random Comments from Coach Burke

Coach Burke is one of the nicest guys anyone could ever meet in life.  He will go completely out of the way for you.  And I have noticed that in my four years at high school and that will stick with me forever.  What will also stick with me forever is the Comments, Jokes, and insults he made. 

1) "Getting some face time huh?"


2) "You know what you did? You did sh*t! F*ckin Sh*t!"


3) "Gentlemen we are like boats in a harbor...but boats aren't made to run in the we need to get out!"


4) "I work with handicapped people everyday of my life! So my expectation of effort is going to be a little different then yours."


5) "Turn that f*ckin sh*t off!"


6) "Watch your balls flapping in the breeze."


7) "None of that Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters."


8) "Do you know what the rock is?"


9) "Balls to the wall!"


10) "High knees!"


11) "Ya knowwwww!"


12) Burke:  (While taking a piss) Can I call ya JoJo? Me: Sure. Burke: Can I call ya rocky?  Me: hmm NO!


13) "Turn Over!"


14) "So what happens when you and your brothers fight?" huh "WHAT HAPPENS!" we fight coach, we fight


15) "If you wanna be mediocre then go home!"


16) "That was a retorical question!"


17) "Hey slow down!"


18) "And Go!"


19) (Burke was giving a speech and out of no where) "Bill gates invented Microsoft in his garage with his three freinds"


20) "F*ck F*ck, F*ck, F*ck, F*ck."


21) "Where' s that Dardin?"


22) "Nice job kerby or whatever the hell his name is."


23) "Welcome to the John Glenn relays I mean Suffolk coaches meet."


24) "STOP THE RACE!  THERE WERE TWO GUNS!" (you would of won that mark!)


25) "Shwie Guy"


26) "Work the down hill!"


27) Coach: "Congrat's JoJo you PRed today!" 

      Me: No coach that was my worst time of the season. 

      Coach: "No it wasn't!" 

      Me: Yes coach is was. 

      Coach: "No it wasn't!"  

      Bob: Yeah coach it was. 

      Coach: "Oh ok."


28) F*ckin A!


29) Burke constantly calling Riccardo Cliff Strasson.

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