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The following poems have all been written by me.

With the twinkle in her eye when she looks to the sky

She makes me think.  Oh my, have I died and gone to that place up oh so high?

If I wasnt so shy maybe I could say hi.  But nothing comes to mind, not even a goodbye.

Am I blind to see she only wants me?  Or does she want only what I cant be?

All I want is a life to be free, with no strife, just to live happily.

She could be that diamond in the rough.  But why does it have to be so tough?

I cant put up with this stuff.  Havent I had enough? 

Ive given up.  Tonights the night.  While shes finding Mr. Right. 

Ill be taking my last bites.  As shes receiving the invites.

Ill be turning out the lights.  Just as she thinks everythings all right.

It just might.  Because Ill be taking my final trip on the one way flight.

Now no longer in sight theyll show up and recite poems in candlelight.

Shell say something polite.  Then move on and forget the whole ordeal.

Like an insect bite she didnt even feel, its no big deal.

I remember the day I first heard your voice
It was three months from a day in May.
Yet at that second my choice was made,
Now things wouldn't change even if I were paid.
You're truly a goddess from the heavens up above
And you're as peaceful as a dove.
Could this be love?
I'm absolutely honest when I say this
Everything about you is mystifying,
God must've broke his mold when he made you,
Because you're seriously a dream come true.
I'm sure you've been told
That the beauty you behold is incomparable.
When I'm around you it's unbearable to control my feelings for you.
Your personality is way above formality
It makes me question if I'm still in reality.
You're so kind and sincere,
A find like you won't come again in a million years.
You're so understanding and full of wisdom
I wouldn't want any changes of you to come.
This is a small excerpt of my emotions towards you
It shouldn't take an expert to realize all of my devotion is for you.
Everything I've said to you is true,
I couldn't live a day without you.

I walk to the starting line with a spring in my step

And a tingle in my spine.

The official says on your mark, get set

Then a loud crack sounded met with a cloud of smoke, which began to set,
and a bang echoed back from the track.

I set a pace and didnt look back.

The space started to open up from me and the pack

It was a one-man race with everyone trying to chase

Everything seems undone and out of place

They question, is he a mental case?

What Im about to say is like the outer limits of space

No one can grasp it, not even if I explained it face to face.

Its something that I embrace and will never leave a trace

Its like pure ecstasy interlaced with heaven, my own holy place.

If others experienced what I call this joyous agony, theyd retreat as if sprayed with mace.

I can see the finish line; it looks like a long silk lace

The feeling of victory is so potent Im starting to develop a taste

I cross the line in record time and in last place.

Yo Im gonna lay it down right here

And dont expect it to come with a round of beers

Im tired of you, youre a f*cking queer

Your voice isnt something I wanna hear

And I dont want you near

I told you that like last year

So get it through your f*cking ears

When I think of you sweetie, my palms get moist and sweetie

My legs give way and begin to sway

My heart beats rapidly like a leaky faucet with no way to stop it.

My stomach gets butterflies with the site of you in my eyes.

My voice begins to stutter and all I can utter is "I wanna be your lover."

My emotions go wild for you, and I offer you all of my devotion.

When I think of you sweetie everything I feel is real and know this is the real deal.

In this world there are very few who my world revolves around.  With the speed of sound from the ground to the sky we built our friendship, just you and I.  As with every friendship we have our problems, but we always solved them and made everything merry.  You make all my troubles seem like nothing to worry over, because I know I'll always have your shoulder to cry over, and words of encouragement to prevail.  I know our friendship will never fail.

I sit entombed in this cold dark room

On a warm sunny day in June

No way for my body to be exhumed

The fear of death is beginning to loom

The time is near.  But how soon?

Everyone thinks Im fine, or so they assume.

My life is one steep flume

Only ending in doom.

The thick halo plume of gloom

Which resembles a mushroom

Slowly blows over like fumes

As I open my eyes I see the apparatus of a hospital room.

A dark creature appears in the corner and whispers your time is soon

Possibly by noon theyll be sweeping your ashes off this defiled floor with a broom

This mastermind of plan, which was supposed to bring me boon

Only brought me a life reflecting my previous horror of reality lead by a man in a red costume.

Coming off that final turn

Youre running at top notch

The lactic acid building is fueling the burn

They sit in the stands and watch

Biting their nails in concern

Your opponent is close enough to touch

Soon enough hell feel the wrath of your return

It all comes down to who wants it as much

Who yearns to steal the honor thats to earn

You reach down inside and start a kick that is clutch

As you burn your opponent all that is left are the ashes to be swept in the urn.

You escape the battle with your belt having one more notch

Your opponents and the spectators know now who to watch.

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