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All About Me

On this page it will explain all about me

It says "PRE!" I was bored at a track meet so I decided to rake the sand pit.

Hey everyone my name is Joe and Im 18 Years old.  Im from Long Island, New York. I'm 5'10", 167lbs, with dirty blonde hair with one green eye and one brown. (Im a weirdo I guess or Im special, I think Im special). I was born with a heart problem and underwent surgeries and stuff when I was little, Im basically fixed now.  I just don't tell the doctors what I do anymore.

 I'm currently attending college in pursuit of a degree to become a pediatrics physician assistant.  I run winter and spring track for college. In high school I ran Cross Counrty in the fall, and winter and spring track. I may not be amazing at my events but I still take pride in my times.

Many people ask why Im so obsessed with Steve Prefontaine. It's really hard to explain but he gives me a lot of motivation and determination. I know this is sad but look at it this way. In my three years of running track and two years of cross country I didn't win a race, and I was teased for this, most people by then would've given up. But whenever I felt like giving up I thought about Prefontaine and what he would've done and that gave me and still does give me a motivational boost.
I also like to do other things such as listen to music, play music, help beginner runners, and follow the sport of running.  Hanging out with my friends is fun when Im blessed with the time. 


If you would like to get in touch with me, my E-mail address is on the contact me page. I hope you enjoyed my site.

Spikes that I've been using since spring of 2003. Nike Zoom Shift 5.8oz. Amazing shoe!

Me going through the picnic area during a cross country meet at Sunken Meadow. (That kid done!)

Me going up a nice long incline to Snake. Also at Sunken Meadow

Me finishing a 800meters

The 800 at Wagner College. PRed by 8seconds in 32 degree weather.

The 4x400 at USMMA. We missed qualifying for nationals by seconds. :-(

The 800 At Burgen County Relays, New Jersey. April 26, 2003

Track And Cross Country Personal Records

High School
Junior Year  (2000 - 2001)
Winter & Spring Track
55M: 8:3
100M: 14.2
200M: 29.3
300M: 51.0
400M: 66.8
600M: 2:15
800M: 2:59
1600M: 7:01.9
3Mile: 30:25
5000M: 32:30
Senior Year  (2001 - 2002)
Winter & Spring Track
200M: 28.8
600M: 1:54
800M: 2:50
1000M: 3:53
1600M: 6:54
3Mile: 24:48
5000M: 26:08
College  (2002 - ?)
400M: 66.6
800M: 2:40
1200M: 4:35
The 3Mile and 5000 Meters are all done at Sunken Meadow (the hardest cross country course in New York State).

(Told you my times would change)

Races on my own outside of school

Cold Spring Harbor 5k: 03/5/00 39:00
Vetrans day 5K 11/11/00 30:05
Thanksgiving 4mile 11/23/00 40:49
Little Cow Harbor 4mile 03/03/01 40:34
East Northport 10mile 04/22/01 1:54.00
Vytra 5k 04/28/01 26:48
Belmont Lake 5k run 07/23/01 27:53
Run for the children 5K 10/21/01 25:32
Thanksgiving 4mile 11/22/01 39:04
Vytra Human Race 4/27/02   26:27

Me at the beginning of a 800meter race

Me tearing up the 1200 of the DMR at Queensborough Relays

1200 of the DMR at Queensborough Relays

800 at Wagner College. Staten Island, New York

The 800 at USMMA. Sorry for it being blurry.

The 800 at the Burgen County Relays. Check out the form! I told you my shorts were short!